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    Garage Door Cables

    Did your Barrhaven garage door cables just snap? That’s a major problem. Call us to fix it. When cables snap, we replace them in a jiffy. Our company is a specialist in residential garage systems and their parts. There is no truck at our business that doesn’t contain spare parts and an assortment of tools. We like to do each job accurately. Cables are connected with springs. And they are tensed too. So leave such tasks to Garage Door Repair Barrhaven. We respond quickly to either fix or replace your cables and offer services at very competitive prices.

    We replace garage door cables in a jiffyGarage Door Cables Barrhaven

    Why do garage door cables break? Overtime, they become frayed. They take a lot of pressure from the heavy load of the door since cables help springs to open the door. Sometimes, cables and springs snap together. In most of the cases, one of the two cables will snap. But with the garage door cables snapped, the door won’t move right or not at all. It might dangle or remain stuck on the floor.

    What our experts do is replace the snapped cable. With spares in our vans, we choose the right garage door cables replacement for your system. Our techs have experience in the removal of the old cable and the installation of the new one. We make sure both the cables and springs are tensed properly so that the door will be leveled and balanced well. After years of installing garage door cables in Barrhaven, Ontario, we have the expertise to do our job with accuracy.

    Garage door cable off the drum? Call us to fix it

    Turn to us should your garage door cables came off. They usually come off their drum. This is an indication of a problem. And so our techs make the required adjustments and put the cable back. At one point, it might be necessary to replace the cable drums too. Call us to do the job for you. Never engage in any repair related to the cables or their bottom brackets. If their tension is released, you might get injured. We provide same day repairs and can take care of your garage door cables in Barrhaven effectively. Contact us.

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