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    Malfunctioning garage door springs in Barrhaven, Ontario is a common problem. You can always be up to date with the condition of your garage door springs. You don not have to wait until the springs are worthless to look for broken spring replacement services. Try to close the garage door manually by disconnecting the electric opener. Since testing is by hand, ensure that the equipment is completely disconnected from electricity first.

    We Value Your Safety

    Since your safety is important to our Garage Door Springs Barrhaven company,Garage Door Springs we rather that you call us instead of attempting to undertake such tasks on your own. We will lift the door half way up when you call us complaining about broken garage door spring. We lift it by hand to check if this process is smooth or not. If it lifts smoothly and stays up when released, it means the garage doors springs are in the best condition and thus no need to worry.

    When we test the garage door and realize that it does not open or close smoothly, we will be the first to advice you to go for torsion spring replacement. We perform various tests on check if the garage door springs are in good condition. If we are not satisfied, we offer you several options that may include but not limited to garage door springs repair. A broken spring replacement is one of the options we present to our clients if we determine that this is necessary.

    Affordable Repair Services

    You do not have to worry about your ability to afford the repair services in case we discover that the garage door springs are about to snap. We usually sit down with our clients and come to an agreement regarding how they will pay for our excellent services. Our top priority is to ascertain that your car is in the best condition and is safely parked in the garage.

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